Mommy’s And Giggle’s



4.My Son Is Black

It is very hard for me to explain to a 5 year old kid that the cop’s he love to see are out here killing black boy’s and men for carrying soda, tea, skittles, selling cd’s etc… He looks at me as if I am crazy!! He replies with “mommy that’s not true the cops and firefighters are here to keep us safe.” Yes son you are right but not all cops view us as equal humans. “What do you mean mom?” For some reason our skin color that I teach you and your sisters to love and embrace scare some cops so they shoot us and some of them do it because they want to control us and they can’t”… Listen all my son knows is cops and firefighters are the coolest people in the world and when he see’s their cars or trucks his face lights up. I make it a point to point them out when we pass by them.. But now when I see them I fall silent because I don’t know if they are the good guys or the bad guys… The new lesson I have to teach my son and mention to my brother and cousins and all males present in my life is keep your registration and license on your dashboard or around your neck! Never put your hands were the cops can’t see them and never say anything if they didn’t ask you a question. YOU have no freedom when approached by a on or off duty officer.. They are your boss at that moment… If you do anything outside of those things I fear that you will be shot multiple times!! This is what I am telling males in my life to do and what I will have to teach my son as he grows up. I used to teach him if mommy is ever hurt or something bad happens call the men with the lights on their car they are always going to protect us no matter what!!! Now I’m teaching him that they aren’t for us at all and those that are, are being overshadowed by those who HATE us soooo much. Even though we did nothing to deserve this. All I can say and pray for is that my children bury me and I never have to bury my children…. Cover your kids in Lord God.. “If God got us we gone be aight!!”

3.Sitting The Sickness Out

Over this last week I’ve had to deal with sitting a sickness out with a baby and it did not feel good and I thought I’d share my situation with you guys… I have a daughter who is now 1 year’s old but she was born 6 weeks early. So naturally when she gets sick I flip out and freak out and I think every little thing is going to hurt her. She has had two teeth for the longest and recently started getting 4 at one time. She started to get a fever and get a little fussier than usual. I was like ok punkin let mama help you out… I gave her Motrin and it didn’t seem to help. So then there came this wet cough and the runny nose and I knew I just knew she had an ear infection so I gave her a dosage of amoxicillin. (No worries it was her medicine) and 24 hours had passed and nothing changed and it usually does… So I was like ok forget it I took her to the ER and they said no ear infection no nothing just something viral and that it would pass in due time!! So over the next couple of days she calmed down so I sent her to daycare (of course I have to work). I eventually get this call at work and me and her dad rush to the daycare and her temp is 104.3 so we run to the ER and they take us to the back and she’s just smiling like nothing is wrong and I’m like what the hey!! Lol. I always feel as though the hospital has different air than we do because as soon as we get there my kids start to feel better!! The Dr’s gave her some Tylenol and almost automatically her fever went away! I had them check her blood her urine her everything cause I was not leaving without them telling me what’s wrong with my baby.. But it was still just a viral infection. No medicine no nothing.. The weekend came up and we went out of town for the 4th of July weekend to the country where the air is much more organic and lord behold she was better. No more fever way less coughing no more runny noses just healed…. All that to say that sitting out a sickness with a baby is soooo hard. But as a mom a lot of the things that helped me I feel break that fever cause I really don’t like giving my kid’s medicine is…. After the Motrin and Tylenol I did the cold wet towel took off her clothes and let her sleep in her diaper and she just got better.. Being a mom to a baby let along being a mom is pretty tough …… But no worries mom you have someone out here feeling and going through your pain!!!


As many people know I am a mom of four. 3 girls and 1 son. I recently had a tubaligaion and it took me some time to come to the answer yes this is what I want. I did so much research and stayed up praying about it and talking to my family and a lot of people thought that it was a bad idea but being 25 with four kids a lot of people thought it was a great idea. But I fought and struggled with it. Now today I have a non-permanent tubal (They go in and instead of cutting they put rubber bands around them and you can take them off in 5 years but you risk never having kids from damage of the rubber bands and you may have to pay a lot of money to help you have a baby). Nothing is ever 100% safe or for sure. The day of the procedure I was taken to a room and talked through a procedure and I was scared I was frightened. I was shaking and I was sad. But I knew at the time it was the right thing to do. They came back started an IV and began rolling me back to the back. All I remember was her saying count to 10 and I was out. When I woke the pain was very minimum I could walk but was advised not too for the remainder of the day. I went home and for the last 8 months I have been ok with it. Up until yesterday. Everyone wants his or her relationship to last. But just what if you divorce or break up? You can meet another man that may want a baby and now that you’ve made a decision to get a tubal this man has to pay for that mistake and shove out money for something he had nothing to do with. Now if he really loves you he is going to go through this with you with an open mind. But just think about it. This is something I wish I could take back and just be celibate and get on the best birth control ever. That’s the downside. But on the plus side, which sounds a little raunchy, so excuse me. I can have as much sex as I want and not have to worry about any surprises. Specially not now cause these kids keep me on my toes 24/8 lol… So in 4 years I will have them unrubber-banded and start the healing process. I would encourage everyone to really think about this and make a wise decision. It’s definitely worth the time to sit back and think about it. Good Luck y’all.


Oh my god. I just experienced a scary situation. As moms we always fear our children yelling out in pain or getting a call saying your child has been rushed to the E.R. This week I experienced both. My 5 year old son school called me as I was out running errands the school called me and Mrs…. Your son has been rushed to the hospital he was complaining of chest pain. I immediately started thinking the worst. I started to cry and all I said is where did they take him and hung up. I just sent this kid to school this morning and he was totally fine, we kissed and hugged and smiled and said bye. Now he’s been rushed to the hospital for chest pain oh my god my child. I’m a mom who believes in prayer so I cried prayed and pressed the gas. Just my luck I get pulled over. Lucky for me he understood and escorted me the entire way. When I got there my mind was racing. I got the desk and gave them info and they said he’s with the doctors have a seat in the waiting room. Have a seat in the waiting room? Are you kidding me? Let me see my baby. I know he’s scared  and would want to see me. I sat there for an hour. That was the longest hour ever. The Doctor came out and we found out not only does he have asthma but he had Passive asthma. It is an asthma that sneaks up on you and only sticks around until the age of 6 or 7. However he was prescribed an inhaler not to long ago and had been using it so I couldn’t understand it. After many test later I found out his inhaler was never working due to the manufacturer and pharmacy giving us an inhaler full of air. You couldn’t begin to even know the anger that was building up inside of me. Many test and steroids later he’s finally going home with new meds and some very much needed information.I said all of this to say to y’all make sure you get your kids tested for asthma at the slightest sign….