Matt Barnes Is The Common Denominator !!! So Why Should We Believe Him ?

It seems like the issue has always been Matt Barnes !!

From Gloria Govan to Ana !!

He made Gloria seem like and unfit parent that was always in the wrong and yet here we are a brand new woman and baby later and he’s pulling the same stunts !!!

Matt made a huge fuss about not seeing his son Ash and claimed that Ana’s restraining order came out of nowhere… When in fact Matt has court ordered visits with Ash ANNNNNDDDD this restraining order didn’t just come out of nowhere, Matt has been stalking and threatening to hurt Ana !!

As stated below even with the restraining order Matt still has his visits !! Ana supports him seeing Ash !! However she doesn’t support the stalking and harassing!! As she shouldn’t !!!

An anonymous reader had this to say and it all makes soooo much sense !!

Matt is going out of his way to publicly humiliate her, because he is hurt that she left him completely alone. He’s a big cheater.

He’s trying to paint her as a bitter baby mama who doesn’t “allow” him to see his son. Matt did this exact same thing with Gloria. He knows that people are very sensitive about children being withheld from their fathers. He is calculating and vindictive. Matt knows she would never keep Ashton away from him.

I looked on his page and I noticed that he had a story in his highlights called “booger kisses” the story is only 1 week old. Matt sees Ashton regularly. Matt went to Chicago for All Star Weekend after that visit from his story. After she filed the restraining order she told Matt to contact her lawyer to set up the next visit. Matt never set up another visit for last week. Matt knows he has his regularly scheduled visit today (Monday). His post was made to hurt her and tarnish her good name. She believes Fathers need to be in their children’s life.”

And I believe every word !!

Matt has had his son even before he posted that sorry ass degrading crap about not seeing him !!

These pictures on his page in his story show they where together just a week ago !!

With these pictures posted up above it’s safe to say Matt has seen his son and has resorted to lying to try and tarnish Ana’s image !!

If you all can recall he pulled this same stunt in 2016 with Gloria !!

At this point Matt Barnes has violated his restraining order and also has his fans attacking Ana off of a lie he made up !!

Our world is so messed up that it will take the word before even looking at the evidence !! Ana was a good woman to Matt and loved his children !! Matt was/is a serial cheater and Ana had enough !! Now he’s pissed and ready to do whatever he can to make her seem like a horrible person !! When in reality it’s him !!

Matt Barnes made a public plea to see his son and yet on his scheduled date to see his son he didn’t show up at all !!

Now who do y’all believe !!!!????

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