Nipsey Hussle Update !!

Its been radio silent on Ermias !! But not on this side … I feel like no one is being updated on whats going on so let me gone and help out with what I’ve been told… Samiel Asghedom is dedicated to finish what his brother started !! Not only will he The Marathon Clothing store up and going, but he will still move forward with the whole renovation which will include apartments on top on TMC clothing store along with other businesses on that same strip. He will still move forward with all of Hussles investments.

Lauren is focusing on her kids and healing slowly !! NO she’s not dating NO she’s not just chatting with someone!! She’s healing she’s learning a new life without her soulmate.

However sis is working !! Filming for The Games People Play is coming up within the next 2 weeks.

She’s definitely working on a clothing line and is very involved in TMC clothing line as well.

She’s working on keeping Hussles legacy alive….

Emani is living her best life.. She sees her mom 2 weekends out the month and her guardians remain Samantha Smith and Samiel Asghedom .. They don’t have any future court dates. I just pray that she is in continued good health and happy and living her best life with the help of her family !!

We haven’t heard about Eric Holder but we will soon !! His court date is 02/19/2020.

Hussle is a reason why I’ve taken many steps forward in what I’ve wanted to do !!

Thank you Ermias…

Thank you to his family for always being so raw open and honest with me !

Thank you to his family for being a strength like no other..


I will be updating you guys again as the court date gets closer !!!


Also the Grammys will be honoring Nipsey Hussle and if you can’t watch it I will be live streaming it on my IG !!!

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