Clive Davis Is Over All The Trash Whitney Houston Biopics And Holograms He’s Releasing His Own !!

Back in 2018, Lifetime ran Whitney, a biopic depicting Whitney Houston’s life, including her triumphs and low points.

There was backlash from the public and lawsuits from Houston’s family. Arguably, a proper biopic has not yet been released and Clive Davis wants to change that.

The music industry executive, and man credited as discovering the legendary singer, recently spoke with the Los Angeles Times and, among other topics, says Houston’s life has not properly been relayed in the media.

“The story of Whitney Houston has not been told yet,” he told the newspaper. He says he was optimistic about Whitney and gave a five-hour interview to director Kevin Macdonald. He also offered access to his Rolodex and archive of material related to Houston. In the end, Davis believed the documentary was too sensationalistic.

Now, he wants to create his own biopic about Whitney Houston and says he’s “looking forward to putting together” a biopic with a “great writer and a great director.”

The Times didn’t include any details about a timeline of when the biopic would be released or who is working on the project.

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