Chiiiilllleeee now y’all know what ??!! This is some tea right here baby !!!


Jahna Sebastian, the mother of Swizz Beatz’s daughter, Nicole Dean, took to Instagram to blast Alicia Keys, who she references as “the stepparent,” on Monday (December 23). The British celebrity aired out her grievances in a long letter that drew a lot of backlash from both critics and Swizz Beatz.

Jahna’s reason for speaking up was reportedly deeper than surface levels. “There are women in the same position,” the celebrity mom said. “Women, in general, have been constantly told throughout history to not say anything, when there have been issues. This is the time for the truth.”

Sebastian’s truth included a scathing rebuke of Alicia Keys who Jahna accused of being forceful. “The stepparent is not raising my child,” Jahna told her Instagram followers. “In fact,” the celebrity mom continued, “she even got in the way of things in the past, which I have been quiet about.”

Much of Jahna’s anger seemed to come from Nicole’s desire to call Alicia “Umi,” which means “mother” in Arabic. “I have stated multiple times throughout the years, that I do not agree with any kind of ‘mom’ name for another person,” Sebastian said. “Nicole’s brothers call me by my name, Jahna. All the other mothers are called by their names.”

There is also an issue with a phone. According to Jahna, Alicia Keys purchased an iPhone for Nicole that only she controls. “This ‘stepparent’ got an iPhone X in the U.S., that she controls, for my daughter Nicole, created an Apple ID attached to her own Apple ID under family sharing, has Apple store purchase permissions on behalf of my child attached to her account, all without my consent, when I am Nicole’s real and only mother.”

Some understood where Jahna was coming from and praised her for speaking out about the matter. Others, however, criticized the celebrity mom for airing out the family’s dirty laundry on Instagram.

“if you as grown as you say you are, [then] why put this on social media,” once critic asked. “You handled this like a child and that’s why you don’t get the respect.” Another social media follower wrote, “You are creating non-existing issues!”

Swizz Beatz did not take Jahna’s rebuke of his wife lightly. In fact, the celebrity father responded to his daughter’s mother. “First of all, Nicole does not have her own phone,” Swizz declared, “Second, that’s my phone I don’t use so she can call you instead of you calling my phone looking for her!”

“Third, nobody forced Nicole to call them anything she chose to call [Alicia Keys] ‘UMI’! I will not let any of my kids do things they don’t want to – period!! Fourth, we just spoke on the phone and you had none of this to say. You was (sic) all sweet and kind!! You know my number. If you have a problem, call me!”


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