Tommy Hilfiger Said F What The World Talking About He Wants To Work With Lizzo

Lizzo is going to be VERY busy in 2020 … especially if Tommy Hilfiger can get her people on the line, because he’s got big plans for the singer.

Tommy was leaving an Autism Speaks event Wednesday night at David Yurman Jewelry in L.A., and we asked about his upcoming collabs. He’s already said he and J. Balvin will be getting creative in the fashion arena … so we wanted to know what else he’s got cooking, and with whom.

He said there’s a long list of big names he wants to team up with, but when pressed to name just one … L-I-Z-Z-O rolled off his tongue. You gotta see it, because you know Tommy can line up just about anyone in show biz — but he was totally beaming when Lizzo came up.

And, btw, all that controversy over Lizzo’s assless outfit at the Lakers game this week … it’s not scaring off the Hilfiger brand. Tommy told us why he’s anxious to work with her, no matter what she’s wearing.

One word: “Star.”

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