Jordyn Woods’ ‘Red Table Talk’ Lie Detector Test. And Jada’s Mom Blast The Kardashians (Video)

I’m so over the whole Kardashian clan…. I hate that this is even being brought up again.. But yet and still here we are…

The segment started out with the conductor guy saying he doesn’t even know Jordyn’s last name, which I guess is supposed to make us believe he’s unbiased. He then had her sit on a motion-sensor pad so she doesn’t do any “secret movements” to cheat the test. Then, he wrapped something around her waist and gave her one of those blood-pressure arm-wrap thingies to detect any possible hints that she was lying.

The questioning started out with him asking her basic questions like, “Are you in California?” before getting to the good stuff. He then asked her, “Did you have sexual intercourse with Tristan Thompson?” Jordyn responded that she did not, which matches up with how she previously said they just kissed.

According to the video, this test lasted for two whole hours, but Red Table Talkedited out all the boring stuff, I suppose. (Or maybe they’re saving the juicier parts for another episode!?) TBH, it would’ve been nice if the man asked Jordyn if this was all just a Keeping Up With the Kardashians plotline devised by Kris Jenner so we could get a real answer!

In the end, he said, “Jordyn, I thought you did a fantastic job and you definitely passed and I believe you’re being truthful in the test.”

Click This Link To Watch The Whole Interview

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