Cardi B Showed Up To Court Dripping In Feathers

Chiiiillleeee I love me some Cardi…

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Via Page 6 :

Cardi B and her crazy train came to Queens court Tuesday.

The rapper arrived for a hearing in her assault case wrapped in a black feathered coat with a humongous hood — and a swath of cloth dragging behind her that would put even a wedding dress train to shame.

The hip-hop star was wearing a white button-up shirt, thin black tie, black pants and Louis Vuitton boots with black stockings underneath. Her long nails were painted a light green.

She was accompanied by a healthy entourage of male handlers — including the two needed to help her get her massive coat back on after the brief hearing.

The “Bodak Yellow” performer is accused of tossing a hookah and bottles of Champagne at two bartending sisters in a Queens strip joint in 2018, as well as plotting a beat-down with the aid of hired help — allegedly because she suspected one of the women was sleeping with her rapper husband Offset.

During Tuesday’s hearing, her lawyers argued that they still needed copies of Instagram postings by her accusers that the attorneys said they believe could be relevant to the case. The lawyers urged law enforcement to help get the records. The attorneys would not comment to The Post when asked later about the content of the postings.

Prosecutors are refusing to help get the posts, saying they are not relevant.

The judge said he had already subpoenaed Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, for them but was denied. He said his jurisdiction is limited because the company is based in California. He said he would continue the discussion at a future hearing.

Cardi B left court without commenting.

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