Beyonce Hate Train Is Actually A Real Thing….

You know they always say, It be the people closest you…

So I was just casually scrolling through Instagram and I came across one of my favorite pages and I noticed something different.

He posted that someone had blocked him and I was taken aback because he is literally everything !!

Chiiiilllle I went to the page that blocked him and biiiiitttccchhhh look what they was posting !!!



Bruh this shit that they posting is simply off the strength of boredom … If you gone state facts post a pay stub with it bitch !! A contract a deposit or something !! Nahhhh see what really blew me is Ashley Everett,Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 10.14.57 PM Beyonce’s dance captain liked the post !! One thing I know for sure is that when you shade someone who gave me a chance to do what I do and rocks with me the long way I will NEVER like shit you post let alone know your page exists !! Now Ashley ass liking post and shit and clearly she has been canceled !! Bey not even gone address this shit.. We just gone go to her next tour and we’re never gonna see Ashley again !! There is literally no where you can go on the internet and Ashley isn’t associated with Beyonce… Just look below for yourself…

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 10.14.37 PM.png

Now here is the tea.. Not only has Beyonce daddy been showing his ass all week but people who also performed in the Coachella sets also had something to say.. If I am ever unhappy under any circumstance I’m not doing shit I don’t care who you are… Now I’m going to let one of my favorite people explain to y’all the full tea and the people who he had to gather …..


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