Wendy Williams ‘Living Her Best Life’ And Feeling Real Confident Since Divorce

As Wendy Williams gets closer to finalizing her divorce from Kevin Hunter Sr., she’s finally starting to feel free! Her confidence is beaming now that she’s living for herself, and her son, Kevin Jr. Now, it’s all about living her best life, and here’s how she’s doing it!

Despite her whirlwind year of the unexpected, 2019 has slowly become Wendy Williams‘ best chapter yet. And, this is just the beginning of her new life! As 2020 approaches, the talk show host, 55, is finally coming into her own as a (near) single woman, a source close to Wendy tells HollywoodLife, exclusively.

After filing for divorce from her husband of two decades, Kevin Hunter Sr., — following news that he cheated and fathered a child with another woman — Wendy is on the mend and doing well. “She’s telling those closest to her that she’s living her best life and feels free,” the source says, explaining, “She’s finally able to make decisions in her life, both personally and professionally — something she wasn’t able to do, because Kevin didn’t agree with them.

The insider goes on to explain that Wendy’s life has completely changed after she was able to salvage the relationships that took a hit during her marriage. “She always had her voice with her audience, but not as much with Kevin. She felt tied down and forced to end relationships and friendships with people during the marriage that she didn’t want to,” the source explains, noting that Wendy’s “so happy to be doing what she wants now.”

It was just two days ago that the outspoken talk show host threw some subtle shade at her ex in a post on Instagram. “But with dead weight gone & new life VERY clear I’ve discovered the BEST me ever,” she wrote in the caption of a selfie leaving her parents home in Miami for the Thanksgiving holiday.

As for that quippy caption, the insider says it was just a matter of time. “She’s kept her mouth quiet about Kevin because she knows he’s a powerful person in the industry, but everyone knew a little shade was coming eventually,” the source admits.

Now, Wendy’s all about being happy on her own.

“As more time has gone on, she’s feeling more confident. Wendy feels free and she wanted to let the world know,” the insider says. “She is really happy, dating, spending time with friends and is a lot more pleasurable to be around. This divorce looks good on her.”

After filing for divorce, Wendy moved out of the New Jersey home she once shared Kevin, along with their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., who is currently enrolled in college in Miami

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