Prince Cousin Says “ He died days before his actual death and was brought back “

Wheeew chiiilleee I really hate to report on the deceased but this stuff here….

Via TJB:

His cousin Charles Smith explains the emergency landing his plane had to take just days before he died. He was flying home from a concert when he stopped breathing.

“He died on the plane. Then, they brought him back.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky says that Prince was given a Narcan treatment to try to undo what many saw as an opioid overdose.

“He was strung out on opiates. He received Narcan because he would stop breathing. That’s why you give somebody Narcan.”

Anesthesiologist Dr. Faye Jamali also confirmed,

“Narcan immediately reverses the effects of the opioid and, basically, wakes you up.”

Prince’s life was saved that day, but he infamously refused to let medics withdraw blood after he was rushed to the hospital for observation.

Smith added,

“Somebody was hiding something. Prince is back to being Prince again and they take him back home. He should’ve never left that hospital.”

When they leave treatment prematurely, it’s because they want to get back to the drugs.”

He also suggested things could have turned out differently if Prince’s team stepped in to speak up against what everyone knew was going on.

“He’s flown back to Minneapolis. I’m like, ‘What? Who does that? After you almost die on a plane.”

“Just look at how many chances everybody had, that was in that circle, to say something or do something. He didn’t have a chance.”

Sadly Prince ended up passing only a couple days later from an overdose of fentanyl

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