Monica Divorce Finalized And She Meant Done This Time !

I personally feel like when a woman gives up her home and she has the kids she’s really done !! Rumor has it I don’t know how true it is but, Shannon had women all up and through there… But rumor also has it that the two tried to work on their relationship over the summer but it just didn’t work out !!


Shannon Brown has obtained the marital home that the pair lived in with their children in Georgia. The docs
explain that Shannon Brown will

be solely responsible for payment of the mortgage note, property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.”

Monica and their children have up to 6 months to relocate from the marital property.

Meanwhile, Monica gets their luxury vehicles which include a 2018 Maybach Mercedes and 2016 Range Rover.

Neither party will receive alimony, separate maintenance or spousal support of any kind from the other party.

Monica has three children. She shares a daughter with Shannon. According to the court documents, Monica will maintain primary physical custody of the children.

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