Nivea Talks Being Friends With And Being Pregnant The Same Time As Lauren London

Singer Nivea Hamilton has one of the most interesting life stories, a lot of it not involving the music, but instead, her relationships.

Early on in her career, after the release of her video for “Don’t Mess With My Man,” she started dating rapper Lil Wayne. Though she says they got engaged, the couple would eventually break up, and she ended up falling in love with and marrying songwriter Terius “The-Dream” Nash in 2004. When their marriage came to an end in 2007, she reconnected with Wayne and their lives were pretty complicated at that point. She had three kids with her ex, and aside from daughter Reginae, Wayne was expecting a child with his ex, Sarah Vivian. Nivea wasn’t bothered by that though because his unborn son at the time was conceived when they weren’t together, so she felt she couldn’t judge.

You accepted mine,” she said in an interview with VLADTV. “I took it for he accepted mine. If this occurred before and us and we’re just now getting back to it, why wouldn’t I accept that son if you’re telling me you want to marry me?”

So they made it work. As their relationship progressed and they even talked marriage again, she found out she was pregnant with her fourth child, and first with the rapper. However, she also found out the same day that actress Lauren London was pregnant at the same time.

“I found out the day I was confirmed pregnant with our son, he had another that should be expected three months ahead of ours,” she said. “I’m like ‘Wow.’ Then my mama died. So yeah, life!”

While she thought she could make it work, she had a change of heart and ended the relationship with Wayne while carrying their unborn son.

“I couldn’t take that. I thought I could,” she said. “I’m a different type of woman. I was like, ‘You know what? You love me? F–k it!’ But I realized that’s not what I wanted. So I let it go.”

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