12 Year-Old Boy Has Surgery To Save Testicles Following “Punch Craze” At School

OMG !!!

See this is why I don’t condone people putting their hands on my kids in any manner !!

Via HollywoodUnlocked

A 12-year-old boy had to undergo emergency surgery to save his testicles after he was punched in his genitals as part of a punching craze that has taken over schools in the U.K.

Bailey Summers was left in extreme pain after he fell victim to the crazy incident.

The craze starts off when kids ask boys “what’s the capital of Thailand?” and then hit them in the their genitals.

The Mirror reports that the school sent Bailey home with some pain killers, but, his mom rushed him to the hospital the following day.

She said she had to “sign away his manhood” as doctors at James Cook University Hospital took him to surgery.

“My son was crying, screaming and begging me to help him. It was a nightmare to see him so petrified and in so much pain. It was heartbreaking,” she told The Mirror.

His mother added that she became concerned after Bailey was unable to sit down.

“It was a sudden shock,” she continued.

The surgeon said they didn’t have enough time with testicle pain and it should be treated immediately.

“I had a form to sign to say I approved both testicles to be removed if needed in theatre. I had to sign my son’s manhood away.”

Fortunately, the doctors were able to save his testicles but he will need to use a wheelchair for two weeks.

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