Dame Dash Says He Doesn’t Have Any Money For Childsupport!!

Chiiillleee tell me why he broke but he just got all this money from Lee Daniels…

Dash filed legal docs saying enough’s enough, and he no longer wants to pay support to 19-year-old Ava. Apparently, he struck a deal with ex-wife Rachel Roy that he would pay $6,000 a month total for both kids, and the obligation didn’t stop at 18.

As for why, Dash says things are lean in the financial department, claiming his adjusted gross income in 2018 was a skosh over $56,000. Damon says Rachel makes way more than him … approximately $500k a year. He also says she lives a lavish lifestyle with trips to Europe, Greece and India.

Damon says he’s stepped up plenty … he pays $3,666 a month for 11-year-old Tallulah’s private school.

One more thing … Damon wants Rachel to pay him back for some of the support he’s forked over.

He is so annoying !! Like dude just ball up and be a man !! I feel he just wanna finesse his way through life !!!

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