Tanisha Foster’s Weekend Visits Have Been Ok !!

So it looks as though Tanisha has been attending her counseling classes with Emani and getting her on Fridays and Saturdays ! But they still have awhile to go.

Tanisha had to commit to so many classes and rules and I’m guessing she’s abiding by some of them. Word is Tanisha didn’t want to fight for Emani until she learned there was money left to Emani. To her surprise Emani won’t be touching that money till she’s grown…

According to sources close to Tanisha she is trying her best to stay in Emani’s good graces so she can benefit off of whatever may come Emani’s way.  At this point Emani is old enough to let the judge know where she wants to live and with that being said Emani is still living with her aunt Samantha !!

Sad to say I thought these thoughts as well but kept them to myself. I pray that she gets better and that my source is a little off because more than anything Emani needs her mother …

But from the looks of things Emani is enjoying her mothers company !!

Now if you switch over to Facebook you get a whole other side of Tanisha. She just talks a lot of shit. Its like she trolls IG and goes back to FB to talk shit. But thats ok cause we are all human. However I’ve always wanted to know why she feels so entitled? I mean yes she is the mother of Ermias daughter so Emani is entitled but Tanisha and Ermias weren’t even in a relationship ..

Either way I hope she gets it together…

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