John Singletons Daughter Wants His Estate To Pay His Bills

The late director’s daughter, Cleopatra Singleton, filed a petition with her father’s estate requesting a monthly allowance of $2,778 per month. According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Cleopatra is also asking for a one-time payment of $4,150 to cover her study abroad program.

In docs, Cleopatra says she’s a student and her father used to cover all of her bills — cell phone, car note, utilities, etc. But, since his tragic passing, Cleopatra says she’s struggled to keep up.
The 21-year-old says she wants the allowance for now until the estate works out how to distribute John’s fortune. Cleopatra says that could take at least another year, if not more.
As we reported … John’s entire estate could be worth around $35 million. For what it’s worth … John’s mother, Sheila Ward, is the estate’s administrator, and Cleopatra’s had legal scuffles with her.

Chiiiillleeee i’m struggling trying to keep up. I mean she could get a job or she could prove that he was actually paying her bills before his passing …. One or the the other. Whichever route she goes its gone get ugly for sure. They’ve all been fighting about his money !!

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