Jay Z Team Says He Spoke With Colin Kapernick

Jay-Z’s team has responded to Colin Kaepernick’s team’s denial.

If you’re just catching up, during his joint press conference with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss their new entertainment and community activism partnership, Jay-Z said he spoke with Colin Kaepernick in regards this deal.

After quotes from Jay’s press conference hit the internet, Colin’s lawyer and girlfriend both issued statements denying Jay’s version of events. They say Colin wasn’t contacted about the partnership nor was he ever included in any discussion.

Jay-Z’s team is now going on record saying he DID speak to Colin — but just within the last 48 hours and AFTER the deal was done.

Jay-Z’s camp tells us he has absolutely spoken to Kap within the last 48 hours, however … that was NOT before Jay agreed to his new partnership with the NFL. It’s unclear what they discussed, but we’re told this was not a case of Jay checking in with Colin for approval. It couldn’t have been … the deal was already signed.

To be clear … we’re told the question posed to Jay during the media event was simply whether he had spoken to Colin — NOT whether he had talked to Colin about the partnership.

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