DJ Mustard Is Still Releasing His Music Ft Nipsey Hussle

Fresh off the release of his Perfect Ten album, Mustard did an interview with Variety to discuss his experience collaborating with friends and certain artists for the first time. One of the standout tracks was the very last one which included soundbites from Nipsey Hussle.

“We did that song, ‘Perfect Ten,’ a month-and-a-half before he died,” the multifacet said. “That was the last song me and him did together. We had a big-bro thing going. We always talked about family, the kids. He was talking about what he had coming up – he thought he had all the time in the world, for music and everything else that he wanted to do. We had a really good relationship.”

After the slain rapper’s untimely death, many people were reluctant to release their projects with him. But that wasn’t the case for Mustard. “We never considered not releasing it,” he said. “We was working on a series of songs…we even had discussed doing our own project together. Nipsey took a lot of time to do his verses. He would give you amazing verses every time, but they took a long time for him to do. This just happened to be one of them.”

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