Nipsey Hussle BET Award Special Dedication

OMG!!! Every time I even begin to write something that reminds me that Nipsey Hussle is no longer present here on this earth I get a lump in my throat and my heart gets heavy.

Its like I want all this to be a bad dream but it’s not…

The BET Awards will celebrate and honor the late rapper with a tribute featuring performances by DJ Khaled, YG and John Legend, who were some of Hussle’s close collaborators, Orlando says.

Honoring the deceased rapper at the Sunday night awards show, Orlando says, will help BET carry on his message and his legacy.

“A big part of BET Awards is that we celebrate past, present and future of black music, but we also elevate the culture and we use BET Awards to drive and force social change — and Nipsey Hussle was all of that,” she adds. “We’re showcasing the best and the most excellent of the black experience, but it’s for the world. It’s black excellence, but it’s excellence, period.”

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