Hussle And Tha Truth (Video)

Ya’ll wow is all I can say…. Trae there have been a lot of dedication videos but this one takes the cake…

Trae The Truth does it again. Ermias really touched the world while he was alive but in death he did more than he ever thought he could. He touched countries outside the USA and so many hearts old and young. Nipsey Hussle was the GREATEST man of my generation, and even now going back and watching his interviews they are all so inspirational !! Trae Tha Truth is someone who I admire a lot simply because he is his self and everything done is out of pure love…. Nipsey and Trae shared an amazing brotherhood and thats what the world lacks. Stand up men like these two. Everyone wants to either be on the team or a coat tail rider but never a leader !! Like Nip said ” I’m front line every time it’s on, nigga ” …

Trae is so slept on and ya’ll don’t even know the weight he carries around for H-Town and not only that but whoever is in need. Between him and DJ Mr Rogers Texas has their own Nipsey Hussle !! I can only imagine the conversations between the two, the wisdom and knowledge….

The words of this song got me emotionally tore up because of the purity of it and the video didn’t make it no better lol . It was beautifully put together…

There was so much truth to these lyrics its crazy !!!

Trae thank you for this song thank you for these visuals…..  You and your team did an beautiful job….

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