Tanisha Vs Everybody Part 2

Make it make sense sis!!

There has been times where I’ve tried to put myself in Tanisha’s shoes, but bruh!!!!!! I just can’t.

Tanisha has been going crazy since Ermias passing. For some odd reason she thinks that she’s entitled to damn near everything Ermias had his hands in.

Let’s go back some…..

So last time we all met up we covered Tanisha and Ermias past, in between, and current relationship (if any) up until his death.

Since then there has been court hearings, warrants, DUI cases, Drunk driving classes for mothers, her other kids coming in the picture, her family spilling all the tea and of course Emani being given to Samantha.

So let’s pick up where we left off.

Samantha and her entire family and damn near everybody in Tanisha’s family decided it would be in the best interest of Emani to have a stable and safe environment..

So she did what Ermias would have suggested… Filed for temporary custody!!

Now the hearing was filed as an emergency because Emani had gone with Tanisha and Tanisha didn’t wanna give Emani back to Ermias side of the family. So at that point the judge thought Emani was not in harms way so he rescheduled the court date. During that time Emani had gotten back with Ermias side of the family and I’m sure that ran Tanisha hot.

Now normally when one parent passes the child almost always goes with the other parent no questions asked!! But not in this case…

In this case rumor has it Emani wasn’t having it and neither was certain family members from Tanisha side or Ermias side. During their second court hearing Emani and Tanisha had some alone time. Emani just wasn’t there for it. She wanted to leave and didn’t want any parts of her biological mother. I can see why. Children almost never want anything to do with the absent parent unless forced.  I feel like that’s where Tanisha’s tears came from when she was in the court house… not because she missed her child or hadn’t seen her in months ( as she stated), but because Emani did not want to deal with her and that would make Tanisha getting her back a lot harder. Tanisha left the court house. She looked to be in good spirits, but this was all a lie. Emani still went home with Samantha, because the court date had just been pushed off.



You see Tanisha has been an absent parent according to Asia’s aunt (Tanisha oldest daughter). She hasn’t had any of her kids. She hasn’t raised them and hasn’t done anything a mother should do. And this is according to her family… not just some stories that blogs make up.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7.20.37 PM

Tanisha (never Asghedom) Foster has 3 kids named Asia, Ryan, and Emani. Asia is the oldest before Ryan. And then there comes Emani. Asia and Ryan have the same dad. He was locked up in 2007 for 13 years, and therefore, never really had a chance to raise his kids.

Lets start with Asia…..

Asia (18) who has been in and out the system is Tanisha’s twin. I mean down to the T okaaaaay!! She seems like a wild child and all but what can you expect when your mother isn’t in your life to teach you right from wrong while your dad is in jail and you are being passed from family member to family member? From the looks of it Asia is just a little misguided. She was raised by her dad’s mother and sister. She has been to jail a couple of different times and it seems as though she’s just trying to figure this thing called life out.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7.45.41 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7.45.51 PMScreen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7.45.59 PM

Recently Asia was released from jail… well lets call it juvenile for many different reasons!!


She definitely seems to be taking after her mama minus the kids. Tanisha definitely has more than one kid to be worried about. Not saying Emani shouldn’t be her focus but as a mother of 3 she should be focused on all of her kids. But hell we know where all her priorities are!

Moving on to Ryan…


This is Tanisha’s only boy. And just like Asia he was bounced around from house to house  relative to relative until he found his way to juvenile. Now I’m sure Tanisha had all the intentions on being a good mom but that’s not how life played out. Now picture this… Tanisha made a post saying go follow my son.


Now I’m gone be honest, just like I felt she made up that page that was supposedly Emani’s.

And now I feel like she’s doing the same thing with Ryan. Mind you, she has 0 custody of all of her children. None of them had social media before now. All of sudden, out of the blue, everyone has social media? I can vouch for Asia, because I see the videos she posted along with her lives. But as far as Ryan and Emani… nah I can’t see it.

Rumor has it that Ermias took care of Tanisha’s kids while he was alive and that they went on trips when the family went!! And to vouch for it, someone on the kids side of the family says Ermias was very respectful and always did what he could when he could for Asia and Ryan. They also stated that Ermias, Asia, and Ryan’s father were close and spoke about the kids when it came time to spend time with them. But we all know his heart was as pure as gold. But like I’ve said before, I can’t see him leaving those kids out to dry because their mom did.


Its like all this showing out started when Ermias died.


And then of course there is angel face Emani aka Mani Mon…


And then there is rumored to be a fourth child who was named Jaden and he was 7 months old when he passed. He was the son of her ex boyfriend Marco who also has passed. This part of the story is for part 3 of the vs series !!!

This has been one of the most craziest things I’ve seen play out. A lot of people make excuses for Tanisha, but thats a grown ass woman who knows right from wrong.

As I’ve been digging its safe to say like we said last time Tanisha was not at the private viewing, was not at the staples center and was not at the private burial.

IMG_9408 2

Then this cousin who no longer follows Tanisha on IG had the nerve to say some slick shit and it rubbed me the wrong way. She said she knew a totally different man!! Lets be clear… people grow and they change. Your cousin decided the hood way was the best way and she didn’t wanna elevate so he got with a woman who apparently was all about elevation!! And no one ever said he didn’t still take care of Tanisha’s oldest kids but lets be clear real quick… whatever he did for them was out of the kindness of his heart not because he had to!! He was just that dude who did for others but trust me when I say those kids were not his responsibility. Shout out to Ermias for being a father figure even when their mother couldn’t be a mother!!

She stated she has never seen a woman love Ermias like Tanisha did. Ok maybe it was one sided or maybe she was stunting for y’all!! Cause no matter what if you in a oh so loving relationship for “16 years” you’d have more than 5 pictures… So miss me with the whole love story bullshit..

And then she goes on to say that Tanisha respects Ermias which is why she hasn’t posted any text or pictures.. GIRL PLEAAASSSSSEEEE. If she had any she would post them. She don’t respect him cause if she did she wouldn’t post half of the disrespectful things she post or like certain post down talking Lauren… Oh y’all think I’m lying huh? She went on live just to let people know she talked to Ermias 30 mins before he passed!! Like ok you want a cookie or something? He was probably tryna see if you wanted to see YOUR daughter. Don’t be tryna make it seem like y’all was A1 friends… Nah boo cause again if y’all was you would have been a part of the whole process from jump!! But peep this live where she says shes known him for oh so many years and talked to him the day he passed and some bullshit like her and Lauren cool!! LIES!!!

So what does that tell ya’ll… I’ve been looking at alot if his so called friends and fake ass sisters and brothers and even they had to get tickets to go to the staples center. So when they back Tanisha I wanna say y’all wasn’t even really friends y’all seen Ermias in passing and took a picture off the strength of Tanisha being his baby mama not no personal wish…

Anyhow back to the topic. So Tanisha is back to face Samantha in court but this time she has made so much public noise that a warrant was issued for her arrest for violating probation by missing a court date. Then she is not only in the midst of a custody battle but now she has to complete certain courses (etc) and her probation has been restarted . Like come on my G you doing the most!! So Tanisha goes back to court and this time the judge sides with Samantha and Emani  who remains in her custody. Now one may ask why? So here is where Tanisha fucked herself, prior to this court case Tanisha stated she hadn’t seen Emani in months and an insider is telling us that the judge asked Tanisha why she hadn’t filed a police report? Thats how she fucked herself then when court came to an ending Tanisha was to bring back a lease so she can have proof of a stable living environment and some paycheck stubs to show that she had steady income to take care of Emani. Now when she came back to court she didn’t have anything but tears and a bunch of excuses. So now Emani leaves the court with Samantha and Tanisha was tight as hell.. Peep the video below….

Oh and lets talk about her financial status while we are at.. I understand everyone goes through a broke period in their lives and we also come out of it some dependent on others and some just natural born hustlers!! Tanisha Foster is neither she is a back dependent (she lays on her back to get her money “allegedly” (insert side eye and bishhhh please emoji face lol)).

Tanisha Foster really feels the need to be either in control of Ermias estate or get money from his family or through Emani!! So much that she had her father create a Go Fund me page asking people to donate a $130 million dollars to help take care of her legal bills and give her some financial stability for her kids who don’t live with her. But that ain’t even the kicker…. Wait till you see what her dad (who we thought had passed) titled the GoFundMe…



Y’all see this right? Ain’t no way in hell we all about to dish out money like that for a able bodied woman!!


So after court she decided it would be in her best interest to speak on Ermias and like some other slick shit… But again just so we clear he did not publicly bash her or disrespect her because he was a real man who didn’t need to. Anytime it was some social media bullshit going on it was all her. If you read her Facebook post and Instagram post (captions) she’s always been about running to social media to blast “NH” or whatever dude she was messing with at the time. But I know one thing!! He wasn’t with the shit and he wasn’t with her!!



Then these people like to boost her up and then when she fail they disown her stop following her and making quotes like they all about the bag and they kids and can’t worry about other bitches…SMH !!

So now lets talk about what this girl did after this court hearing. She didn’t go try to get herself together or see if she could talk to Samantha and just apologize and try to start fresh.. She went to Vegas and turnt the fuck up. One thing I know for sure is all that cappin she be doing in the comment section on the gram ain’t bout nothing cause this was the same weekend JRoc went to Vegas to celebrate his birthday. She wasn’t on any of his post and vice versa so she really not the “lil sis” she be playing on the gram!!!

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 6.07.35 PM

So not only right after court did she jump fly and head to Vegas she turnt TF up every night she was there.

As a parent if I was her I would have been like ok time out for all the cute shit, I need to get myself together so I can get my child back!! But nah this is why we think its all about money with her because she does the opposite of what a parent who wants their child should do.

Im telling y’all she is watching and lurking on FB and IG…. Its gone be a shit storm real soon and all the tea is gone spill, but not before I get to part 3 of the VS Series…

Coming up will be physical altercation between the baby mamas, folks getting stabbed, miscarriages happening, abortions happening and so much more… So thank ya’ll for rocking with me I will see y’all back here for Part 3!!


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