Nipsey Hussle Memorial Court Is The Beat Thing Ever..

The mural 46 feet wide, 78 feet long court was painted by muralist Gustavo Zermano who began the project by using a stencil in the center and working his way outward. “When [Nick] asked me to be a part of this, I felt like I had to contribute something bigger, so that’s when I pitched the whole Nipsey thing, like actually painting him on the court,” Zermano said. “He was a big part of helping the kids, and when I heard it was at a school that’s when I was like, it’s for real.”

NBC4 Los Angeles captured a helicopter view of the court and shared the video on their Instagram page. They captioned the clip by writing, “Nipsey Hussle’s love of basketball and the community where he grew up meet at the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and 60th Street, the site of Nipsey Hussle Memorial Court. The court, which officially opens this weekend, was a dream that @VeniceBall helped make a reality with inspiration provided by the beloved slain rap artist and community hero.”

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