Nipsey Hussle’s Grandmother On Rapper’s Legacy: ‘I Hope These Young People Will Get The Message’ “video”


The grandmother of Nipsey Hussle said in her first interview since the rapper’s murder that she finds solace in the support from the Los Angeles community and hopes his legacy will positively impact the youth.

“I never knew there was so much love like I love him. So that’s uplifting that so many people loved and understood him,” said Hussle’s 88-year-old Margaret Boutte.

Boutte says her broken heart finds some comfort in knowing that Hussle touched so many people.

“I hope these young people will get the message and live a better life – live a better life,” Boutte said.

Boutte helped raise Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Asghedom. The 33-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper talked about his grandmother in an interview with CBS2 anchor Pat Harvey before this year’s Grammy Awards.

“I was raised by my mom and grandma. She was real big on keeping a tight family and big on love,” he said.

Boutte was home Sunday when Hussle’s brother Samiel got the call from Hussle himself that he had been shot.

He got the call and he ran out of here so fast. He never did that in the morning. Right away, I called his mother. I said ‘Angel, something must have happened.’ I said ‘Samiel jumped up, he didn’t take his shower, he got out of here so fast,” she said.

Samiel was racing to The Marathon – a clothing store that Hussle opened in 2017 – the place where he had been shot multiple times in broad daylight. Samiel would be there for his brother’s last breaths.

“Sammy got up there soon enough to start helping his brother. Erias knew Sammy was there before he died,” Boutte said.

Hussle’s accused killer – 29-year-old Eric Holder – got away, but not for long. Holder was arrested Tuesday in Bellflower, just 20 miles from the shooting, and arraigned Thursday.

Motive for the murder is unclear, but police say the two had a dispute before the shooting.

Boutte had only these words for her grandson’s accused killer.

“I’m praying for him too. I hope he does not get killed in custody. Have enough time to ask God for forgiveness,” she said. “I’m Catholic, I do believe in prayer and I’m praying for him. He was a young, ignorant situation and I’m hoping he’s sorry for what he did.”

The family is hoping to plan a large memorial that will accommodate thousands of people, as well as a private service.

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