Miley Cyrus IS Now Liam & Miley Hemsworth (Pics And Confirmation Inside)

Not only did fans of the two speculate but also knew this was the real thing!! Miley and Liam have finally wed….

The couple exchanged nuptials in their home in Franklin, Tennessee – contrary to initial speculation that they were planning to wed in Liam’s native Australia…7790994-6531075-The_first_images_Cyrus_and_Hemsworth_quietly_tied_the_knot_on_Su-a-179_15458583353417791656-6527091-image-a-24_15456621950817791660-6527091-image-a-28_15456623538577845632-6531075-image-a-162_15458574928537845634-6531075-image-a-163_15458575575927845762-6531075-image-a-178_15458579879627845964-6531075-image-a-181_15458590645677845966-6531075-image-a-183_15458590998657845968-6531075-image-a-184_15458591161887845972-6531075-image-a-182_1545859078145

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