We Can’t Never Have Ish…Forever 21 Now You Know….

They love to take our ideas and slap a white face on it… But not in 2018 boo!!

Forever 21 is in some hot water today because the retailer decided to use what might be the whitest model they could find to advertise a ‘Black Panther’-themed sweater for Christmas.

via TMZ:

The images are live on its site right now for Forever 21’s Wakanda Forever Fair Isle Sweater. It’s a blond-haired, blue-eyed white dude rockin’ its custom Christmas sweater, with a “Wakanda Forever” slogan and a Black Panther mask on the front. 

It’s definitely not an oversight either — someone at F21 really thought this would be a good idea, as they have the model’s stats on the same page … he’s 6’1″ and sports a medium fit.

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with white people supporting “Black Panther” or even wearing something like this — on the contrary, more power to ’em. 

There’s nothing technically wrong with using a white model for the sweater, but it definitely seems like someone somewhere should’ve thought this through.

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