Shamari And Ronnie Devoe Bi-Curious and Open Relationships

Shamari Devoe is as transparent as it gets. The open book was quick to reveal a shocking fact about her relationship with her now-husband Ronnie Devoe on tonight’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The girls took a trip to Lake Bailey where they all played a shady game orchestrated by Cynthia. One of the questions asked during the game was if anyone has ever been in an open relationship.

The Blaque singer jumped up and openly admitted that she tried the arrangement with Ronnie early in their partnership. However, she only explored with other girls.

“I was bicurious. It stopped because I started liking the girl too much.”

She also added that Ronnie probably slept with ten girls whereas she only experimented with two. She was not allowed to sleep with other men.

Immediately, viewers took to social media to criticize opening up so quickly to the ladies and her former situation with the R&B legend. tweeted that: “I am an open book… and I much rather the ladies ask me direct questions to my face, rather than make assumptions behind my back! #RHOA”

Before she made her debut on “RHOA,” Kandi Burruss revealed that Shamari was a wildcard.

“Shamari is a firecracker. Shamari is a free spirit, she speaks her mind, she’s very honest and sometimes she can be a wild child, you know? We were really cool, like, me, Shamari, her group members. I’ve known her for a long time. I also know her husband, Ronnie DeVoe, from the group New Edition and [Bell Biv DeVoe]. He performed at my wedding! We have a really great relationship, and I was happy when they, you know, became a part of the cast.”

During the preview for next week’s episode, it seems that Ronnie Devoe will not be excited that she shared that story with her new friends

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