50 Cent Announced ‘Power’ Preqel

“Power” fans should be pretty happy because 50 Cent announced that a prequel of the series will be coming, and it’ll be set in his home borough of Queens, N.Y. set in the ’80s.

“My ‘Power’ spin off is so crazy. I’m doing the prequel,” he wrote next to a photo of himself sitting on an ’80s styled police car. “Wait ‘till you see this sh–. TGE influence (The Golden Era). Southside. We outside. 1988.”

50 Cent Says a Prequel to "Power" is Coming, and So Is the BMF Series

And if that wasn’t big enough news, 50 also said his B.M.F. series is on its way, a show based on the Black Mafia Family drug organization and its leader Big Meech.

The rapper turned director also said the B.M.F. show will be so big, it’ll put the Starz network on the same level as another major cable brand.

“Oh you know I got this on deck (B.M.F),” wrote Fif. “I would hate to be on another show in the same time slot. I’m gonna turn Starz into HBO in three years. Get the strap.”

As of now, there’s not much information about the “Power” prequel, aside that “Power” show creator Courtney Kemp recently inked a deal with Lionsgate to develop spin offs and other content for Starz. There has been talk about the B.M.F. series, however, and 50 said it’ll be over the top amazing.

He also predicted it’ll be better than “Power” and folks won’t “believe how good it is.”

At this time, there’s no word on when either show will arrive and how close they are to going into production.

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