ShadyLipz After Dark “Kale And Tim”

Kale couldn’t help but feel the sexual tension rising as she stared at Tim. She walked over to the bar and slipped him a card and headed to the ladies room… She waited for Tim to come, she knew he would… Tim looked at the card and couldn’t resist what it said. Especially after seeing the woman who slid it to him!! Tim downed his drink and headed to the bathroom… Kale was wet from the very thought of his dick sliding in her mouth and her savoring every last drop of his cum… Tim walked into the bathroom and saw Kale standing against the wall in a matching bra and panties and heels…. She walked up to Tim and kissed him on the lips and blindfolded him!!! She sat him down on the open back couch and straddled him… Tim was nervous but excited !! It was something about sex with a stranger that turned him on but being blindfolded was a little worrisome! She began to unbutton his shirt while kissing on his neck. She licked, bit, and sucked his neck and made her way down his chiseled chest… She pulled his dick out and began to suck the head making sure to circle around the tip with no lip just all tongue !! She closed her mouth and slid his dick down her throat causing him to moan out loud “ fuck baby “ is all Tim could say as Kale swallowed all 9 inches of him !! He began to match her rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down. Just as Tim was about to nut Kale pulled away and took Tim’s blindfold off.. And there she stood butt ass naked with nothing but heels on!! Tim couldn’t help but to stroke his dick as he stared at her… Kale walked over to Tim and was caught off guard when he grabbed her and threw her on the couch and ate her pussy like a boss! He began sucking on her pearl tongue while finger fucking her pussy she came and that was his que he stuck his thick tongue deep in her pussy swallowing every drop of cum while fingering her ass.. He felt her body tense up “oh my god daddy don’t stop OH MY GOD I’m cum I’m cum I’m cuming” Kale yelled out as she wrapped her legs around Tim’s neck she squirted everywhere!! Tim was surprised !! He didn’t think he’d enjoy all the squirting, the way his homies talked about it, it was like a woman was pissing all over you. But this, this turned Tim on!! “you want daddy to fuck you?” Kale didn’t speak she just gave seductive eyes… Tim flipped Kale over and tried to enter Kales pussy but it was so tight and so wet he had to slow stroke to get inside. Once he had broken in her love cave he……. To Be Continued

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