Jas Prince Tells Pusha T This Feud Is Over!!

Prince says Pusha-T really needs to stop talking about this Drake feud — for the sake of his career.

via TMZ:

The Rap-A-Lot Records CEO told us Pusha’s nothing more than an ant, and he issued a warning for the rapper. Some might hear that warning as more of a threat, but he says Pusha’s got nothing to worry about, but only because he’s not on Drake’s level.

Despite the fact both Drake and Pusha have been dredging up … J Prince assured us it’s over and done.  

You’ll recall, Drake dredged up the old feud recently by ripping into Kanye West for betraying his confidence to Push. Then Pusha went on Joe Budden‘s podcast, claiming Drake’s producer was the one who went all Judas to reveal Drake’s secret son.

Despite the renewed jawing on both sides … J Prince assures us the feud is dead and buried.It’s another notch in the belt of the longtime rap beef squasher — a reputation he addresses in his new book, ‘The Art & Science of Respect.’

If we’re keeping it real, no one was talking about the feud until Drake appeared on ‘The Shop.’ It’s only fair that Pusha responded… right?

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