Demi Lovato Having A Hard Time Over Selena Gomez News

Demi Lovato‘s heart breaks for Selena Gomez after news of her hospitalization and following emotional breakdown. A source close to Demi told us EXCLUSIVELY how she’s reacted to Selena’s current situation. “Demi’s heartbroken that Selena’s suffering like this,” our source said. “She knows exactly what it’s like to struggle with depression and anxiety and how painful it is. Demi’s a very sensitive person. She loves Selena so to know she’s hurting this much has hit Demi hard.”

When she heard of Selena’s breakdown, Demi did not hesitate to contact Selena to see if she was OK. “As soon as Demi heard the news she reached out to offer her support to Selena and her family,” our source went on to say. “Demi is planning to send a card and a care package too. She wants Selena to feel the love.”

And in addition to crying in a car with his fiancee Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber has been feeling terrible about everything Selena is enduring right now. “He feels bad that she is going through all the stuff she is going through,” a source close to Justin told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He hope’s she gets the help she needs. Justin is worried about Selena’s health and well-being, but won’t reach out anytime soon. He wants to respect her space and give her room to heal and plus he wants to be sensitive to Hailey.”

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