All You Need To Know About Squirting Ladies

The elusive art of squirting is one that doesn’t get the focus it deserves, mostly because no one can seem to get past the “is it pee” debate.

So, I’m going to preface this by reiterating what many experts have said before: it is not pee! But you’re valid in thinking that it is — it smells like pee, it stains like pee, and it streams out … like pee — not the gunky, sticky stuff I always imagine ejaculatory fluids to look like. Yes I, too, have dedicated a day worth of my Google search history towards discrediting this fact.

My curiosity was piqued the moment I found out that I was able to do so myself. For a long time I resisted it, thinking it was pee and it wasn’t until I began going to the bathroom right before playing with myself, only to find that there was still a pissy-ish stream of ejaculation happening that I realized I had been blessed with the pornstar trait.

Lucky for me, I haven’t found enough booze to quiet my mind during sex with a partner to allow for squirting. For me, squirting only ever happens when I’m by myself but make no mistake — it always happens if I allow it to.

I wanted to get this out of the way because this here won’t be that, not today. After attending a “Lunch and Learn” workshop hosted by the Pleasure Chest sex educator, Ryan at the 2018 Sex Down South conference, I’m bringing you a well-rounded guide to squirting.

I’m here to put you on, giving you everything you never knew you needed to know about squirting, plus all that you’ve been dying to know. Because guess what? It’s not just for pornstars. I mean, it’s not for everybody (in that not all bodies are created equally), but it may very well be something you’re capable of achieving for yourself or others.

The moment that Ryan began talking about all the reasons you deny yourself a good squirt sesh and highlighted the cleanup as one reason, I lit up. As I mentioned before I squirt every time I masturbate and I find myself holding back because, above all, I don’t want to sleep in a wet spot for the rest of the night.

But, also because when I do squirt, I feel obligated to clean it up right away so that it doesn’t stain my mattress with the scent or yellowish tint. Similar to the way your pee is yellow when you’re not hydrated and require water, Ryan tells me that I may be able to dilute this scent and tint by drinking more water and adding bananas, strawberries, and pineapples to my diet.

Obvs, the fruit aspect may be null and void if you’re pairing it with a White Castle’s sliders (my weakness) on the daily. So, I’d say it’s probably more effective if you have an overall clean diet.

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