Detroit Police Officer Caught Repeatedly Punching A Mentally Ill Naked Woman!!

Not only did Instagram keep deleting the un edited video of this horrific act but they also locked several bloggers out of their account for reposting the video!! Oh thats what we doing now Instagram? Ya’ll team people or team blue.. However the video made enough rounds to get noticed and is now getting the attention it deserves..

The video posted on WJBK-TV’s website shows the male officer punching the woman about a dozen times on Wednesday at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

She can be heard shouting a threat at someone before being grabbed by one of the police officers and security staff. The male officer then began punching her.

What is shown on the video is “very disturbing,” Detroit police Chief James Craig told reporters Thursday, adding that a criminal investigation has begun.

“There were points where the suspect had turned her back, but the officer continued to punch,” Craig said. “It was at that point we had grave concerns for the officer’s actions.”

A police watchdog group on Thursday called for charges against the officer and said he and others like him need to be taken off the streets.

“When we looked at the video, we saw an officer with corporal stripes who had total disdain for a citizen who was obviously ill,” said Kenneth Reed, a spokesman for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, wrote in an email. “The hatred was palpable. These are officers who must be held to a higher standard.”

Wayne County prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Maria Miller said that if and when the police department sends a warrant request for the officer’s arrest, her office will follow its usual procedure in police-involved cases by conducting a separate and independent investigation before making a charging decision.

The corporal is an 18-year veteran of the police department “who has a good record,” said Craig, who declined to provide the officer’s name.

He and his partner took the woman to the hospital Wednesday evening after responding to a report of a “lewd and lascivious” person, Craig said

The woman spat on hospital staff, bit a security guard and tried to bite the corporal, the chief added

Craig said he is concerned that the officers didn’t follow procedure by handcuffing a “mentally ill person” and that he thinks the officers’ body camera footage tells “a little bit of a different story” than the cellphone footage.

The woman and the officer who hit her are black.

Detroit Medical Center, which operates the hospital, followed “appropriate processes” and has filed a report about the incident with the police department, said a hospital spokeswoman.

Being suspended is no longer accepted as a punishment he should be made to loose his job and more…

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