Tiny Is Consulting with Divorce Lawyers. Bout Time!!!

According to reports, Tiny Harris is almost ready to leave her marriage (for real) and divorce T.I. because she’s afraid “he will never stop cheating.”

via Radar Online:

A source close to the 42-year-old mother of four says she’s been trying to communicate with T.I. about his infidelity but it “hasn’t been so simple,” and pals say it appears there’s “no way” they can work things out

“She’s secretly talking to lawyers,” the informant told Radar exclusively. “She’s sick and tired of seeing him with new women.”

The Shade Room recently posted a video of what appears to be T.I. slapping another woman’s butt and fondling her breasts as she sat next to him

The source said seeing the video “really sent Tiny overboard.”

“That was a gut wrenching moment. She wanted to take her kids and run,” the source claimed

I mean once you allow it just once you can’t really control it now. But he’ll feel it when you really leave…


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