Meghan Markle’s Dad Opens Up About The Rumors She And Prince Harry Are Expecting Twins

Meghan Markle’s relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, is pretty strained at the moment, but he was still thrilled to hear the rumors that she’s pregnant with twins. With their communication at a standstill, however, Thomas is worried that he might be the last to hear about the news.

Thomas sent the royal family in a tailspin when he appeared for an interview on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan. Thomas talked about his interactions with Prince Harry and revealed that Markle cried when he broke the news that he couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Since the interview aired, Thomas has had almost no communications with his daughter. But he is still happy to hear that she and Prince Harry might be expecting twins.


An inside source told Hollywood Life that Thomas is overjoyed by the pregnancy rumors. Thomas wants to be a big part of Markle’s life moving forward and wants to be present for the grandkids. His biggest fear is that the royal family will shun him indefinitely and that he will never have a relationship with Markle’s children.

“And even worse, he fears that he’ll never really get much of a chance to know Meghan and Harry’s kids, his grandchildren,” the insider dished.

Although Thomas probably should’ve talked with Markle before giving the interview, it likely isn’t the only reason there is a lull in communication. Markle is currently getting used to her life as a member of the royal family and has a lot on her plate at the moment. There’s also the fact that she now lives in London while Thomas still resides in the United States.

That said, rumor has it that Harry might be willing to raise their kids in California, which might give Thomas the opportunity he needs to build a relationship with them.


As far as Markle is concerned, the pregnancy rumors are heating up after her latest appearance with Queen Elizabeth. The former Suits star joined Her Majesty for a royal engagement last week and fans thought they spotted a baby bump.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, of course, have not commented on the pregnancy rumors and probably won’t until it is too late to hide it. But given how Meghan is 36 years old, they will likely want to get a move on starting a family before long.

Kensington Palace has not released a statement in regards to Thomas’ comments.

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