Kim Kardashian Returns To Paris

The reality TV star returned to Paris earlier this week, and it was the very first time since her robbery at gunpoint in the French city back in October of 2016. Now, Kim Kardashian is saying that she was ‘so happy’ to go back and here’s why!

As fans of KUWK remember, the star was robbed of about almost $10 million in jewelry.

Kim was in attendance at Paris Fashion Week alongside her rapper hubby Kanye West.

The couple showed their support for Virgil Abloh, the new creative director for Louis Vuitton.

That being said, after the trip to Paris was over, Kim took to her app to talk about the reason why she went back where she suffered the trauma.

‘I went back to Paris to witness Kanye’s BFF, Virgil Abloh, make history with his first collection and runway show for Louis Vuitton during Men’s Fashion Week. It was an emotional trip. It was the perfect time to return to a place where I fell in love, but also where I suffered great trauma.’

‘The trip was actually only twelve hours because right after the show, we had to fly home for Teyana Taylor’s listening party the same night!’ Kim wrote.

She went on to say that she now feels ‘calm’ and couldn’t be happier about the fact that she has healed.

‘I’ve truly put the experience behind me and have learned and grown from it. Because of this, mentally coming back to Paris was not difficult for me. It actually feels refreshing to face my fears and overcome them. For me, there is no point in staying in a f**ked-up state of mind. ‘Feel it, go through it and move on’ has always been how I try to live my life.’

‘I’d never suggest to anybody how to grieve, I can just say what’s worked for me … It was the perfect experience coming back to a city that I love so much.’

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