Stan Lee has gone to court to ask for protection against his presumably soon-to-be-ex-business partner and friend, Keya Morgan.

Lee just filed for a restraining order in Los Angeles on the heels of Morgan’s arrest on suspicion of filing a false police report. It was reported Morgan may have lied when he told cops two gunmen showed up at Stan’s Hollywood Hills home on the night of May 31 demanding money.

The case type of the newly filed docs is “Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention.”

Morgan’s been a constant fixture at Lee’s side over the last year — helping create videoswith the Marvel legend at his home — and accompanying him to conventions.

Stan’s had a rough year … battling pneumonia as well as money issues. He filed a BILLION dollar lawsuit last month against POW! Entertainment claiming the company took advantage of him and stole his name.

He also claimed a former business partner stole his blood and used it to fill pens that would sell as collectables for a fortune, and also used it to stamp his signature on certificates of authentication on certain comic books.

Story developing …

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