Nick Gordon Been Lost His Sh*t

Nick Gordon had a bit of an emotional breakdown as cops arrested him for domestic violence last month.

According to his girlfriend, Nick was suicidal at the time and wanted to “be with his angels,” Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina.

via TMZ:

Cops came to Nick’s home after he called 911, claiming his girlfriend attacked him, but when cops saw she was injured they turned the tables on him.

Nick was hysterical … at one point you hear a cop say that Nick was trying to explain he was famous.

The girlfriend, Laura Leal, told cops Nick was wasted. The 2 got into it on the drive home … when an argument turned physical. At one point, Leal reveals Nick wanted her to crash the car so he could, “be with his angels.”Prosecutors decided not to charge Nick with a crime after Laura became uncooperative, although he’s still in trouble for violating his bail conditions.

You can watch the footage below.

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