Vincent Herbert Now The Manager Of Xscape

Looks like #VincentHerbert is out here expanding his team… This has got to be awkward for #tamarbraxton considering her and #tiny just fixed their friendship. But this is just business right? Herbert known for discovering Lady Gaga, and managing his (estranged) wife Tamar Braxton, just recently signed Remy Ma to his roster. The ladies told HH exclusively that hiring Herbert was a no brainer.

“We sat down with him, had some food and just talked, like how most business takes place, he just got our vision and he saw the potential in us,” explained Tamika.

“We love what he did with Tamar and Lady Gaga and we also knew he understood the business,” added Tiny. “We’re really excited.”

The ladies also said that they will still be working with Mona Scott-Young as it pertains to their TV and film projects including a biopic for Bravo.

“[Mona] is still managing the four of us for the reality show, and TV and film projects,” said LaTocha. “Vincent manages the music.”

And as far as music goes the trio said they have been cranking away recording their forthcoming EP – which would be their first album since 2005.

“We’ve been working with Tricky Stewart, and the songs are really amazing. We worked really hard. We recorded six songs, in like six days,” said LaTocha.

“Dream Killa” is the first single, it’s a real Xscape record,” explained Tiny. “It definitely has what fans expect us to have, a 90s vibe.”

On Friday the ladies officially dropped the single for “Dream Killa” and the track “Wifed Up.” Both are now available on all music platforms .

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