Tyrese Finally Allowed To See Daughter

After 2 months of fighting in court and having lot and lots of allegations thrown his way. Tyrese finally gets to see his daughter Shayla!! I honestly thinks he has major issues and he needs help and no one can help him but his self….

Tyrese will get to spend some quality time with his daughter, Shayla, but the full-time restraining order ex-wife Norma Gibson is trying to secure is still in progress.

via TMZ:

Sources connected with the case tell us both sides agreed, and the judge later ordered that Tyrese be allowed a monitored visit with his 10-year-old daughter on Sunday. We’re told the existing restraining order was modified to allow for the 6-hour visit with a court-appointed monitor present.

However, Norma Gibson’s effort to get a permanent restraining order against Tyrese will continue. In fact, the court has blocked off all next week for testimony.

Sunday will mark the first time in 2 months Tyrese has seen Shayla.


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