People Find A Reason To Hate On Beyonce

Just over a month after giving birth to her gorgeous twins Rumi and Sir Carter, Beyoncé has taken a little time off mummy duties for a romantic date night with her husband-of-nine-years, Jay-Z. The singer took to her Instagram page to share personal photos of the pair enjoying some quality time together on a night out.

In one photo, Beyoncé, 35, looks incredible in a wrap dress which shows off her cleavage, and her long, wavy hair falling over her shoulders.

The Crazy In Love singer’s followers adored the private pictures, with one commenting: “After the sweet kids, u still look good and u and my man jazzy are a wonderful couple. I love u both.” Another fan said: “Motherhood looks so good on you!” A third wrote: “Stunning @beyonce hope u and the babies are doing well.”

However, a few followers were more focussed on the fact Beyoncé was drinking what appeared to be a glass of wine. One wrote: “Beautiful isn’t she supposed to breast feed … why is our Queen sipin wine? Lol.” Another said: “Arent u breastfeeding?!???”

Plenty of fans rushed to the star’s defence, with one saying: “I’ll do as I please thanks. I breastfed my daughter, it’s safe to have a couple of drinks.” Another follower wrote: She’s been photographed a few times in wrap around style dresses. Quite commonly worn when breastfeeding and by the way you can drink whilst breastfeeding. For all you know that could be the only drink she had that night. #getinformed.

Beyoncé’s photo clearly started a heated debate. But aside from the picture, she also posted a video featuring a photo montage of herself, which reveals her glamourous red nails and a stunning ring on her wedding finger. The singer looks fabulous after the birth of her twins and is obviously enjoying life as a family of five with Jay-Z.

Little Rumi and Sir Carter were born via caesarean section on Tuesday 13 June at 5.13am at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre in LA. Little Rumi arrived first, followed by her brother Sir, according to the official documents, and both babies were delivered by OB/GYN Dr. Paul Crane – the same man who helped Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian give birth. It has also been revealed that the newest members of the Carter family have not been given have middle names – unlike their big sister Blue Ivy.

All that to say. If you look at the glass the liquor not even touching her lips…

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