Man Breaks Into Drakes Hidden Hill Property

My kids go to school in Hidden Hills and it’s not easy to get into Hidden Hills unless you wanna climb up massive hills and end up in somebodies backyard… I’ve tried so many times to get in the Oaks and Hidden Hills and only to be unsuccessful.. however I’ve managed to meet a lot of celebrities just hanging around at the ONLY grocery store in Calabasas and in the parks in Calabasas where my kids played and not to mention the school they go to is filled with celebrity children….

But this dude took it to a whole other level… According to TMZ

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a man trespassed onto the Hidden Hills property Thursday evening. A security guard patrolling the site noticed him and ordered him to leave. The intruder became aggressive.

The guard wasted no time calling cops and they quickly arrived and arrested the man. We’re told the intruder told cops he found Drake’s house after looking up the address on a blog. He told cops he was there to meet the rapper.

The man had no weapons and was booked for trespassing. Drake was not home at the time. The house is undergoing extensive renovations and Drake hasn’t been living there.


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