Beyonce Recovering From Twins’ BirthIncredibly Fast — She Already Looks‘Amazing

Beyonce has been going through a surprising quick recovery after a tough delivery of her twins. Read all the EXCLUSIVE details about how she’s bouncing back here!

Beyonce, 35, just gave birth to her highly anticipated twins on June 19 and she is not only enjoying time with her new son and daughter, but she is also enjoying a speedy recovery. “Beyonce is recovering from the twins’ birth much quicker than she thought she would,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told “Considering how many difficulties she experienced during the pregnancy, she’s bouncing back really fast.” Rumi and Sir stayed in the hospital a bit longer than usual due to being born prematurely so it’s wonderful to know that they are all back home and recovering well. “Beyonce’s energy levels are already getting back to near normal, and her body is looking amazing,” the source continued. “Bey hasn’t set herself any crazy timeframe to abide by, she’s just enjoying adjusting to the new family demands, and allowing herself to heal accordingly.” However, Beyonce is waiting until she feels 100% to show off the twins, so we hope she’s ready soon!

Ever since Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z, 47, announced that they were expecting two new siblings for daughter, Blue Ivy, 5, all eyes have been on the adorable family in anticipation. The superstar singer proudly showed off her very pregnant belly more than once and has definitely been an inspiration for mothers-to-be everywhere. After being known for having a fit body shortly after the birth of Blue Ivy, it’s no surprise that Beyonce’s already showing signs of getting back in shape and now that she has three children to attend to, she’ll probably be more active than ever before! See some of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s cutest family photos here!

Aside from the birth of the twins, Beyonce and Jay-Z have been making headlines with what they’re known for best: their music. Jay-Z just released his tell-all album 4:44 and the apology title track shocked the music world when it revealed all the hurtful things Jay-Z feels he did to Beyonce in the past. He even hints that the diva unfortunately suffered miscarriages. The power couple has had their good and bad times but with new baby twins, we hope they’re both able to be happier and healthier than ever before. We look forward to being introduced to the new members of the family soon!Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.20.22 PM.png

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