Kylie Jenner Show Already A Flop And It Hasn’t Even Hit the Screens

Looks like Kylie Jenner can’t keep up!

Even though her upcoming reality show Life of Kylie has yet to be released, sources close to the Kardashian family reveal to Life & Style that the 19-year-old’s docu-series is already a disaster!

“Based on what [the producers have] seen so far, they fear they have a real dog on their hands,” the insider says, adding that the premiere date was even pushed from early July to early August in order to attempt to get more material out of the lip kit mogul.

And even though fans are gearing up to get an inside look at the youngest Kardashian-Jenner’s life, apparently, Ky is being difficult about dishing on her personal life.

“When the show was announced in April, the network had agreed to follow Kylie’s life, meaning her personal life as well,” the insider notes.“But when it came time to shoot, Kylie only wanted to document her businesses and her life on social media. She refused to talk about her dating life.”

And while producers are desperately trying to convince the Snapchat queen to give them a little more to work with, Ky is resisting and the show is paying the price.

“[The show has] been testing poorly, even with die-hard Kylie fans,” the source says. “They’re not finding her interesting enough to watch for an entire episode.”

But Kylie doesn’t want any help from her famous fam — in fact, a source previously told Life & Styleback in May that she’s trying to branch out.

“Kylie doesn’t want her family to steal her thunder,” the source explained at the time. “She’s determined to be even bigger than her sister Kim.”

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