Rumi Ans Sir Carter Doing So Much Better

Now that Beyonce & JAY-Z’s twins are home safe & sound, the couple can finally relax! In fact, SHADYLIPZ learned EXCLUSIVELY that Jay & Bey are finally ‘settling into’ their new family life, and their newborns are beyond ‘happy.’ Aw!

What a relief! After Beyonce, 35, and JAY-Z‘s, 47, twins, who are reportedly named Rumi and Sir Carter, were born premature last month, the little ones are finally doing much better, and the new parents couldn’t be happier — or more relieved! In fact, not only are the babies a lot healthier, they’re also “thriving.” We can only imagine how thrilled Bey and Jay must be. After all, they were super eager to finally bring the infants home after an extra week in the hospital.

“Beyonce and Jay are just so relieved to be home at last with the twins, who are healthy, happy, and thriving,” a source close to Beyonce revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “A birth is stressful enough already, but adding the drama of it being premature, really ups the stress levels. And although Beyonce and Jay had every faith in the amazing ability of the hospital team, it was still a terrifying ordeal to watch two such tiny little babies struggling.” But thankfully that’s all in the past now, as Rumi and Sir reportedly were allowed to go home late June, after their reported June 12 birth.

“It’s a huge relief to have that all behind them, and to finally be settling into their new family life,” our source continued. “Beyonce is catching up with her rest, and rebuilding her strength, while bonding with the new babies — while Jay is just still kind of in awe of these two new little people.” Even better, the twins are growing and getting stronger every day! “The twins are getting bigger by the day, and they are already making it known that they are going to have very strong and unique personalities of their own, which is hardly surprising, given their parents!” How cute is that?

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