Beyoncé Had Major Input On 4:44

Nothing gets past Beyoncé.
Queen Bey had a say in every song on hubby JAY-Z’s new “4:44” album, the producer said Saturday.

“I always call Bey our de facto A&R. Pillow talk is the strongest conversation on the planet,” 
“Every song has to get past her ears, in my eyes. She came by a lot and played a good part in helping us get over hurdles on certain records. Of course she’s genius-level with that.”

On the titular song, JAY-Z seemingly confesses to and apologizes for cheating on Beyoncé.
“I apologize often womanize /Took for my child to be born /See through a woman’s eyes /Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles /Took me too long for this song / I don’t deserve you,” he raps.
In other songs, he addresses his infamous elevator fight with sister-in-law Solange and his newborn twins.

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