Kelly Rowland Recalls the Time Her Toddler Son Walked In on Her Naked (Video)

As a mom to a 2½-year-old, Kelly Rowland has had her fair share of ups and downs when it comes to parenting. But there’s one moment that sticks out as a little embarrassing for her — and extremely funny in hindsight.

“[My son Titan Jewell] walked in the bathroom while I was coming out of the shower, and he just kinda looked at my vajayjay … and he’s looking at his [situation], and I’m like, ‘Can somebody get Titan out of the bathroom?!’“I could tell he was just wondering, ‘What is going on?’ ” the former Destiny’s Childmember continued.

Considering Rowland’s self-admitted best parental quality, whenever the time does come for the conversation that will teach Titan why he and his mom look a little different, she will likely have it in the bag.

“My best quality as a parent would probably be the way we have our talks — our conversations,” she says. “I think that keeping the line of communication open with your child is just really, incredibly important.”

The singer shares that the biggest thing her own mother taught her was self-love, which is something she strives to pass on to Titan.

“[I want] him to always have a great level of self-respect, and knowing who he is as a boy, as a teenager, as a man, and to always be honest,” Rowland explains of her son.

Rowland hasn’t been shy about discussing the drawbacks of pregnancy and its aftermath — many of which are chronicled in her new parenting guide Whoa, Baby!, out now. But if she could advise expectant moms in a couple of areas, it would be to exercise regularly and start the parental bond early.

“It’s not just for her, it’s for the sake of her baby,” Rowland says of exercise during pregnancy, noting of talking to the baby before he or she is born, “It’s such a bond.”

“I think it helped me during my delivery because Titan and I had an understanding of each other,” she adds of the latter piece of advice. “My sister taught me about that — how when there was a contraction, she was like, ‘Well, he wants to come out, and you have to make a calm and peaceful place for him to come, so you just breathe through it.’ ”

” ‘What’s the point of making all those loud noises and screaming? That’s ridiculous,’ ” Rowland adds. “And I was like, ‘Okay.’ [And] that’s exactly what I did. It helped.”

One of the most difficult parts of parenting for the mother of one is something many working moms can probably relate to extremely well.

“My worst quality as a parent would probably be when I have to be away from Titan. It’s so hard,” Rowland admits. “I literally feel like a piece of me is gone.”

And what does she miss most about her life before becoming a mom? “I don’t remember it,” she confesses. “Is that crazy?”


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