Kardashians Claim They All Bootin Scott Out

Much of the Kardashian family is reportedly convinced that Scott Disick’s recent outings with as many as six women have been crafted solely to make his ex Kourtney jealous.According to TMZ, the family that never met a camera it didn’t like believes Disick has been intentionally trying to get himself spotted with younger women around Cannes to hurt the mother of his three children because he’s upset that Kourtney, 38, has been dating Younes Bendjima, a 24-year-old former boxer and model.Specifically, Disick, 34, has been photographed with actresses and models such as Bella Thorne, 19, Sofia Richie, 18, and Bridget Satterlee, 19, the Daily Mailreports.

Believing that he’s abusing alcohol and other substances, Kourtney has reportedly told her ex he can’t see his children until he sobers up while her family as a whole has largely cut ties with him following his attempts at upsetting her.

Regardless, Kourtney’s mother, Kris, is allegedly still hoping to produce a house-flipping-style show starring Disick.

I hope he just leaves that family alone.. Like just deal with your children cause them hoes crazy… They will make you drink!!

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