Tina Lawson Speaks On Her Happiness And Beyonce Baby Shower


Tina Knowles Lawson & husband Richard Lawson spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland premiere on Tuesday and spilled a little tea about Beyoncé’s baby shower.

“It was excellent, I had so much fun,” Tina told ET’s Kevin Frazier of the occassion, also acknowledging that both Beyonce and her younger daugther, Solange, have amazing style. “I think a lot came from me but also, just like the shower, that’s her vision and I just help make is come alive, you know … but all of my girls just have such great style and I’m just so proud.”

“I’m sure they got a little bit from their mama, you know,” she joked.

“She’s doing great, she’s just ready to — you know, she’s ready to see her babies,” she shared.

We saw the size of that belly — we’d be ready to give birth too!

The talk wasn’t all about Beyoncé. Tina also opened up about being able to let loose and enjoy life now that her own kids are grown.

“Life is awesome and, you know, I supported my girls, and I promised never to embarrass them, so I just kind of hid for a long time,” she reflected. “But they’re grown and I’m just enjoying my life, and I’m not worried about being so uptight and he helped me to do that, so that’s great. Because he has such a free spirit, you can’t help but be free around him.”

“It’s about living one day at a time, and living it like it’s your last,” Richard added. “And she’s doing that more and more every day. She’s having fun — we’re having fun.”

Just know when Beyonce goes in labor we gone know the minute she checks in cause everybody down from security on up ready for these babies…. We know it’s close time for these twins!!!

Click Here To Watch Tina Lawson Speak On Beyonce


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