When shit hits the fan we will see who’s the last to stand!! Over at Epic records it seems like everyone is with the shits!!!

A few days ago it was reported, L.A. Reid  notorious for lavish spending before he was ousted as the CEO of Epic Records last week — once hired a high-priced escort as a birthday present for an underling, the birthday boy told me.

The birthday boy brought along a female friend as his date, but when they arrived, Reid took him aside.

Now this….

A week to the day after news broke that Epic Records chairman and CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid would be departing Sony Music, his longtime associate, EVP of media & strategic development Laura Swanson, has left the building as well, Variety has learned.

A highly regarded publicity and media strategy veteran, Swanson had worked alongside Reid since the year 2000 when he was running Arista Records. The two would reunite at Island Def Jam, where Reid was named chairman and CEO in 2004 and again at Epic Records, where Swanson would restructure the PR department starting in 2015.

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  1. Gossip Thot says:

    Thanks boo!!!!!!


    1. Shadylipz says:

      You are so welcome


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